We have been quiet for couple of months

We have been quiet for few months here at htmlcenter.
There are couple of reasons for this radio silence and I’m sure both of these reasons mean some positive things for this blog.

First reason is that Allen who was original founder and started htmlcenter back in 1998 (its true, this site was started even before dot.com meltdown happened!) decided to do something different and gave the keys from this blog to new owners. It gives us a chance to give this site well deserved push forward with some new and fresh ideas.

New Web Development Job Search

Today we launched a new job search for web development jobs with job aggregator Indeed. The job search starts with a generic search for web development jobs. From there you can modify the search to find exactly the job you are looking for. Some searches might be for php, html, ruby, html, etc. and in locations like New York, 90210, San Francisco, Portland, etc.

You can also post a job on the board for $30 which includes distribution across the Indeed network.

So get off your couch and get your self employed so you can buy more tech crap and tweet about your new job.

Recession-Buster HTMLCenter Advertising Offer

I met with a friend today and most of our discussion centered around online advertising. While waiting for the #1 subway an idea came to me (actually most of my ideas come to me on the subway). Why not give startups a break and allow them to advertise on CN for a fraction of the normal advertising cost.

With that in mind, here’s what I am offering:

  • 125×125 ad on all pages of CenterNetworks in our sponsor area – not a rotation (max 5)
  • 125×125 ad on all pages of HTMLCenter in our sponsor area – not a rotation (max 5)
  • text link in CenterNetworks RSS feed (max 3)

Each option is available for $100/month and you are limited to only one selection. Only “real” startups will be allowed to participate (sorry Facebook) and the term will be renewable for the time being.

If you’d like one of the slots, send me an email at (allen – at- centernetworks – dot com) noting your company and a link to your ad. I will reply to confirm the ad buy or to let you know of your place on the waiting list – ads are first-come, first-served. Payments can be made via PayPal, Google Checkout or by company check.

Weirdness With Amazon Web Services

I added a 404 tracking database to my blogs so I can track what pages are broken. The database includes the IP address of the computer attempting to access the item. Most of the listings in the database are webpages and/or images that are broken.

But what I’ve also noticed is that there are a huge number of rows for the following item (with variations):

  • tag/web-3.0/feed/favicon.ico

When I lookup the IP address (174.129.123.x), it resolves to Amazon Web Services. I have an AWS account but have no idea why they would be trying to hit this file 100 times a day.

Anyone out there have an idea on why or how to correct the issue? Thanks in advance.

Internet Explorer and “Quirks Mode”

A few years ago, someone at Microsoft had a brilliant idea to create something called “Quirks Mode” for Internet Explorer. The reasoning behind it is still a bit beyond me, but apparently it has to do with trying to make the browser render old Web sites the way they were initially intended to look. Basically, “quirks mode” turns all versions of IE into IE 4 (as it essentially attempts to render the page the way it would have been rendered with IE 4, ignoring quite a bit of CSS and XHTML).

A Few of My Favorite WordPress Plug-ins

I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of my favorite WordPress plug-ins with you guys. I hope you’ll take the time to try them out, I hope they help you and I hope you’ll share some of your favorites.