We have been quiet for couple of months

We have been quiet for few months here at htmlcenter.
There are couple of reasons for this radio silence and I’m sure both of these reasons mean some positive things for this blog.

First reason is that Allen who was original founder and started htmlcenter back in 1998 (its true, this site was started even before dot.com meltdown happened!) decided to do something different and gave the keys from this blog to new owners. It gives us a chance to give this site well deserved push forward with some new and fresh ideas.

There are lots of good and useful posts on htmlcenter.com created over these years, which helped many readers to find their answers to tech questions and which are still helping many others who visit the site everyday. These are not going away for sure.
Our new little secret is that we love all things mobile. Its quite interesting how html, javascript and various frameworks, libraries make interfaces on these devices simply beautiful. We want this site to become a good place for finding tutorials, code samples, tips and experiments about creating such mobile interfaces.

I have already started redesign work for the site and it’s coming together nicely. We quite like completely new and responsive look and feel and will soon present it to our blog readers. We much hope you’ll like it the same as we do.

So stay tuned, give us few more days and we will remove curtains from renovation project!

And one more thing. If you know few things about the power of JavaScript, HTML, CSS their frameworks and libraries (specially the ones related to mobile clients) and if blogging is something you enjoy, let us know. We are always looking for interesting guest posts from fellow tech writers.