We have got new looks

Late last month I have posted about HTMLCenter redesign project we started few weeks ago. Well, as you might have already noticed we went live with new looks. There is still ongoing work happening and I’m continuing to add various bits and pieces (we are big fans of agile approach to things) but the main site design changes are already in place.

It is mobile first design. We wanted HTML Center to look great on multiple mobile devices as we have noticed constantly increasing number of our readers accessing site through mobile Internet browsers. Most likely these are just going to become main tools for reading content on the web as mobile first is becoming the norm these days. And responsive design so far is the best answer to multiple mobile screens and growing variety of mobile devices out there.

Twitter Bootstrap is a great framework for getting started but you definitely need an original touch to your projects or they will all start to look like Bootstrap’s home page. My goal was to do just that. I’m also loving Google Code Prettify for highlighting code on the pages and jQuery for simplicity by which it allows many dynamic bits and pieces to be implemented on client side of your web project. I’m going to share quite a few things I have learned while transforming HTML Center in the more detailed post after redesign is fully finished.

In the mean time, we are preparing series of tutorials and tips for everyone learning how to build mobile web and hybrid cross platform mobile applications using HTML5 markup, CSS stylesheets, JavaScript (and its children libraries) and merging them with native mobile app elements. Stay tuned!

We would really appreciate your feedback (the more constructive criticism the better) so just shout what do you think about new HTML Center looks. Cheers!