CenterNetworks Redesigned

CenterNetworks, which, I suppose, is now considered the “parent” site of HTMLCenter, has been quietly redesigned. Although the previous design was attractive, and there was not really anything inherently wrong with it, the new design is quite a bit better.

The new design offers slightly more intuitive navigation. The embedded advertisements are less obtrusive. The color scheme is nicely muted (a step away from the “web 2.0” ideas of Web design; conversely a step closer to the ideas of usability expressed by most professional designers nowadays). The pages present less errors in validity checks than they previously did (at this point, the only errors that seem to pop up on the front page of the site are generated by the various adverts).

I find it rather strange, however, that this redesign has been so hush-hush. In the past, Allen, the “father” of CenterNetworks and HTMLCenter, has been the first one to start shouting from the mountaintops about everyone’s redesigns, launches, relaunches, and startups (Reevoo, Technorati, Wine Library TV, and on and on and on). Even in the case of HTMLCenter’s own redesign almost a year ago, Allen blogged about it here and dugg the story. However, in this case, as of the time I’m writing this entry, I have yet to see any press on CenterNetworks or anywhere else, on the new look of CN.

I wonder if I’m even supposed to be blogging about it on here? Very curious indeed. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of response this post gets.

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  • Allen

    Good post Curtiss. I plan to write about the new design once it is complete. There are still a few design kinks we are working out and should be done by Friday. :)

    Thanks for the feedback!