Do People Still Use the Noscript Tag?

I am curious: Are people still using the “noscript” tag in their Web pages? If so, why? What are you doing with that tag? Are you using it simply to tell your visitors with javascript disabled that they might be missing something?

I honestly do not see the need for the noscript tag anymore. With the ability to fully manipulate the DOM using javascript, isn’t it easier to create the page the way your non-script visitors should see it, then use javascript to move things around? For instance, if you want to tell non-script users that a textarea includes a javascript-powered WYSIWYG editor, isn’t it easier to hardcode a div in your page just above or below the textarea that says something like “The textarea utilizes javascript to offer more functionality and features.”, then use javascript to remove that div from the DOM when the page loads?

Am I missing something obvious here? Why would you use the noscript tag rather than just adding and removing elements to the DOM? I am very interested to hear your comments and thoughts on this matter.