E-mail Client Survey – What Are People Using?

A blog entry from SitePoint was forwarded to me the other day at work. The blog entry dealt with a new survey put out by Litmus, using their Fingerprint e-mail analysis system.

The survey explored the usage of various e-mail clients throughout both the business and consumer sectors. The survey produced some very interesting results.

Some of the results I found the most intriguing are after the jump.

  • Over 50% of the businesses involved in the survey are utilizing a Webmail client as opposed to local software (such as Outlook, etc.)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and Lotus Notes, though scoring very low on the survey, did at least appear. Neither Eudora nor Evolution even showed up on either survey.
    • I’m also very surprised to see that Outlook Express, the free version of Outlook that used to come preinstalled on all Windows computers, up to WinXP) did not show up in the survey; unless it was bundled in with all of the other “Outlook” results. Windows Live Mail did make an appearance, though, which must mean that a lot of people either upgraded or are using Vista.
  • While Yahoo! Mail holds the market share (placing number one in the survey) among consumers, Hotmail outranked Yahoo! on the business side of things by more than 200%.
  • The blog entry makes a point to interpret the Gmail numbers in Yahoo! and Hotmail’s favor. However, I would be equally as interested to know how many of the desktop e-mail client users (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) are connecting to Gmail’s servers to retrieve their mail.

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  • admin

    i use a combo:

    — thunderbird
    — outlook
    — yahoo mail
    — aol mail
    — gmail
    — webmail which ties into thunderbird/outlook

  • Thanks for the good post. It would be cool if you added another post on how to setup the Thunderbird email client as well. I use it allot for my customers. If you want I can write it up for you. Let me know. I run a full service computers and network repair company in Tampa called Techbranch.