Boxee Goes Windows

A new version of Boxee was released yesterday. The new version is currently available on Mac, AppleTV and Windows. While this is just an update for the Mac and AppleTV users, this is the first version released on Windows.

Those of us using Linux have been told we’ll have to wait a few more days to get our update, but I’m okay with that.

I am very curious to see how Boxee performs on Windows, but I am not one of the lucky few (214, to be exact) that got an invitation to test it on Windows, yet. Hopefully I’ll get one in the next wave of invites.

In the meantime, I am growing more and more impressed with Boxee on Linux. I’ve finally got it running at a very good speed, through a combination of updates from Boxee and tweaks on my own Linux box. The interface is much more intuitive in the current version than it was previously (I’m hoping it will get even better with the forthcoming update).

Let me know if you were lucky enough to snag an invite for the Windows version. I would love to see if it looks and acts the same as it does on Linux.