Is This Really Newsworthy?

While checking my Yahoo! page yesterday, I noticed a news article about a girl sending 14,528 text messages in one month. At first, I was somewhat impressed; until I read the story. She didn’t send that many text messages, that’s how many messages were sent and received on her account in one month.

So what? My 13-year-old daughter does close to that every month, and she’s not even the heaviest texter out of her friends. Is this really newsworthy? I don’t think so, but apparently somebody does. It’s been reposted on Yahoo! News, the New York Post and a few thousand other Web sites (and here I am posting it again). Seriously, try Googling “14,528 text messages” and see how many results pop up (at the time I wrote this post, there were around 10,700).

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