Six Degrees of Separation – CenterNetworks Featured on Yahoo! (sort of)

This evening, while visiting My Yahoo!, I came across a Yahoo! news article discussing the upcoming voter registration deadlines. I clicked on the article to read it and found a link inside leading to a VentureBeat article about the voter registration application being offered on Facebook.

When I finished reading that article, I noticed an interesting item at the bottom: a link to CenterNetworks. While CN was not really featured on Yahoo!, they are only three clicks away. :)

I’ve posted some screen shots of my progression after the jump.

Curtiss\' My Yahoo! page

Yahoo! News article

VentureBrain recommends CenterNetworks

CenterNetworks - Recommended by Outbrain

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  • admin

    LOL LOL LOL – you scared me! I wish we were on Yahoo!

    The links on venturebeat come from Outbrain – basically they let users rate content and then show other pieces of content related to the original.