New Web Development Job Search

Today we launched a new job search for web development jobs with job aggregator Indeed. The job search starts with a generic search for web development jobs. From there you can modify the search to find exactly the job you are looking for. Some searches might be for php, html, ruby, html, etc. and in locations like New York, 90210, San Francisco, Portland, etc.

You can also post a job on the board for $30 which includes distribution across the Indeed network.

So get off your couch and get your self employed so you can buy more tech crap and tweet about your new job.

One Response

  • Renowned Media

    I like the concept of the web programmer job listing sites, but I hate all of the cheap overseas competition (elance or scriptlance anyone?) not to mention the rating systems which develop. Those usually have the side effect of requiring developers do a bunch of jobs for free to get an initial rating…