PhoneGap plugins for mobile application projects

PhoneGap is hybrid HTML5 mobile application framework which has nicely growing user community.

Here on HTMLCenter we have published several tutorials about designing and developing Cordova / PhoneGap based HTML5 mobile applications.
One of the main strengths of PhoneGap undoubtedly is the native plugin functionality. It allows developers to hook the native mobile OS components with HTML5 and JavaScript code. This way you can use JavaScript methods across the app to access functionality provided by native code.

In fact, any other developers using PhoneGap framework can just import your plugin and use the functionality in their own apps. Developer community has created many such plugins. And Cordova contributors have developed plugin manager called plugman in order to make installation of plugins simple.

There are several plugin repositories which collect and archive PhoneGap framework plugins.

While working with iOS and Android applications I have used several PhoneGap plugins and want to share some of them which helped me a lot in mobile app projects. Did I miss any good ones?

Let me know if I missed some good one and I’ll update the post so everyone can benefit.

1. Push Plugin

Will help you setup push notifications for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire OS and Windows Phone 8 devices. Implementations are based on messaging services in most cases provided by the OS manufacturers themselves. Like Google Cloud Messaging, Apple APNS, Microsoft WNS etc. At the time of writing this plugin has great activity from open source community.

2. DropBox sync Plugin

Enables usage of DropBox native mobile SDK in your PhoneGap apps via JavaScript.

3. In app purchases Plugin

Apple in app purchases being used by many freemium applications out there. You can integrate this functionality natively on iOS but there is also in app purchases plugin for PhoneGap.

4.PayPal Plugin

PayPal is being mostly used for taking mobile payments for physical goods. Company has native SDK’s for iOS and Android platforms and also supports payments PhoneGap plugins for both platforms.

5. BrainTree Plugin

BrainTree is another mobile payments provider (they were actually acquired by eBay to become companions with PayPal). Company maintains PhoneGap payments plugin.

6. TestFlight Plugin

TestFlight is great way of inviting and managing limited number of testers while you are developing mobile application. TestFlight PhoneGap plugin makes use of native TestFlight SDKs.

7. Web Sockets Plugin

Web sockets allows for continuous real time communication between client and server. Very useful for real time apps like chats or real time analytics apps. This PhoneGap plugin enables web socket functionality for Android OS.

8. Cordova SQLite plugin

SQLite is the file database many mobile projects are using. There are many ways to read / write data to SQLite with the help of native mobile OS code and for PhoneGap you will need this plugin. In addition, Cordova SQLite plugin

9. Zip plugin for PhoneGap

Allows access compression available to native mobile applications.

10. Google analytics Plugin

Will give you good visibility how PhoneGap applications are used.

11. Bluetooth Plugin

Native bluetooth functionality becomes available for your Cordova mobile apps if you use bluetooth plugin.

12. iBeacon Cordova Plugin

Allows mobile applications to communicate with all iBeacon devices close by. This plugin enables iBeacon communications for Cordova apps.

13. Social sharing PhoneGap Plugin

Exposes native social sharing functionality via JavaScript. Facebook, Twitter etc.

14. Google+ Plugin

Will give your applications access to Google+ social network of application users. Handles authentication and posting functionality.

15. Instagram PhoneGap Plugin

Instagram is great photographer community online. Full of high quality photos with meta information like geolocation.

16. Cordova Facebook Plugin

This doesn’t need explanation, right? Supports authorisation, posting and other funcionalities needed for mobile applications.

17. Calendar Plugin

Allows to retrieve native device calendar functionality in PhoneGap framework.

18. Google maps Plugin

Gives your apps full access to maps and location via Google Maps mobile SDK.

19. Geolocation Plugin

Does what it says, enables access to native geolocation.

20. Admob Cordova Plugin

Allows for easy mobile advertisement integrations in PhoneGap applications.


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