TinyMCE 3.2.4 Released

The folks over at TinyMCE are still plugging away on the best WYSIWYG editor available. Another new release came out yesterday.

This new version includes some bug fixes and apparently a lot of new features for the paste function.

I found the bug fix mentioned in the quote below very interesting. I will have to test it out when I return to work next week to see if this allows TinyMCE to work on the iPhone. I doubt it will, but it’s definitely worth testing.

“We also fixed a somewhat critical bug where some WebKit versions would fail with a DOM Range exception due to a WebKit bug. We added a workaround for this one and reported the bug to the WebKit team.”

If you get a chance to test the new version before I do, let me know what you find.

Are You Advertising the Right Position?

Too often, I see job opening advertisements that seem unrealistic. There are quite a few organizations that advertise for Web gurus, and don’t really know what they’re looking for. The first distinction that needs to be made is between a Web designer and a Web developer. The two are generally mutually exclusive, and it is extremely rare that you will find one person that can do both jobs well. Unfortunately, a lot of these organizations don’t find that out until it’s too late. They hire someone who talks a good game, but just can’t bring anything to the table once they’re asked to do something.

What Are You Watching and How Are You Watching It?

I’m curious to know what everyone is watching and how they’re watching it. Are you watching network television, standard cable/satellite channels, premium channels, DVDs? Are you actually sitting down and watching shows on TV when they’re on, or are you using a DVR? Are you streaming them from services like Hulu?

I’ve found recently that I rarely watch anything when it’s actually aired. Heroes is about the only appointment television in my life at this point. Occasionally, I will sit down and watch something just because it’s on, but I usually do about seven or eight other things at the same time.

I have tried using streaming services online, but my Internet connection doesn’t really lend itself to that. I do record a lot on my DVR (for the rare occasion that I actually get to use the TV that’s hooked to my DVR).

So, I’m curious – are people still watching TV when it airs? I’m curious what the impact has been over the last year or two on traditional television advertising.

Facebook Offers New Tools To Higher Education

Facebook announced last week that they will soon be unveiling new features for colleges (and other organizations) to help build public profiles for those institutions. While, on the surface, it seems like it might be a good initiative, I have to wonder how effective it will really be. Are prospective students actually still using Facebook? I have heard a lot of grumblings about the fact that older people have taken over Facebook (I’m guilty) and that the younger people are moving on to other platforms.

If they are still using Facebook, would they really seek information about potential colleges there? I have seen quite a bit of research on how students searched for information about the colleges they considered before making a decision, but most of that research is obsolete by the time it’s published. I’m curious if students really use Facebook or other social networking platforms to find information about schools. If they do, do they even consider any official information from the school, or do they just seek out other people that have “heard about” the school?

What are your thoughts?

Unlimited Hosting Accounts – One Big Gotcha

When you are looking for a new hosting account, it can be extremely tempting to look at some of the very inexpensive packages that claim to be “unlimited.” For the most part, they are telling the truth. While some hosts still arbitrarily restrict the amount of bandwidth or server space you utilize, others have moved on to limiting other resources that are not even mentioned when viewing the “details” of their hosting plans. In those cases, as long as you are not taxing the server resources (memory, CPU, etc.) terribly, you can use up as much space and bandwidth as you want.

However, the one big gotcha you have to watch out for is the “inode” limit. Of the four popular hosts I examined (three of which are offering “unlimited” plans), none of them mentioned any limits (other than the bandwidth and space limits mentioned on Penguin Hosting’s page) on their “details” pages. From the “details” pages, all of them appear to be offering something too good to be true. In fact, they are; but you have to examine their terms of service in order to find out what the limits really are.

TinyMCE and Tooltips

I don’t know how many of you out there are using TinyMCE and a script called wz_tooltip in conjunction on your Web site. However, for those of you that are doing just that, you might have come across one very frustrating issue: TinyMCE won’t load in Internet Explorer.

After banging my head against the wall for hours and hours trying to figure out why TinyMCE would not load properly on certain pages when viewed in Internet Explorer (6 or 7), I finally found the solution.