Movin’ On Up

I have moved into a new house. We are working on selling our 1,100 square foot mobile home (which is on rented land), and have purchased a 1,500 square foot double-wide, built on a permanent foundation, on 1.57 acres of land.

We moved in to the new house two weeks ago.

Then, I received my new computer from HP late last week. I got it set up on Friday. DirecTV came out and hooked up our televisions on Saturday. The satellite Internet provider came out and set everything up on Sunday.

Comcast refused to supply us with cable service because we are apparently 250 feet too far from the road. The house directly in front of us has cable service, but they won’t give it to us. Verizon told us that there was no way we could DSL. We get really crappy cellular service at the new house (besides the fact that I don’t have a laptop in which to plug a PCMCIA card), so I only had two choices left. 1) Dial-up service and 2) Satellite Internet through a subcontractor of DirecTV.

Since I couldn’t even stomach the idea of going back to dial-up, I decided to investigate satellite service. For $79.95 a month (plus a $10/month DirecTV discount), I get the top-of-the-line service, which has speeds of 1.5Mbps/256kbps.

I have had the satellite service for a day, now, and I must say I am impressed so far. The connection seemed slow at first, but I have had no trouble with it since. I have not yet tested the upload speeds, but they should still be comparable to most other connections I’ve had (I don’t recall DSL offering much more than 256 kbps when I had it).

If anyone is planning on moving soon, and has any trouble with the cable company; or if you are just tired of using cable service, please contact me. I am very pleased with DirecTV, so far, and was impressed with their installer. I have also just found out tonight, that if I refer a friend or relative to DirecTV, both of us receive some nice bennies. Again, contact me if you are looking to switch your TV provider.

I am still testing Vista, so I am not quite ready to post about it, yet, but I thought I would at least show you a picture of my new computer setup. Anyone want to guess what that thing underneath my monitor is? I’ll give you a hint, it’s totally freakin’ sweet.

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  • allen

    Congrats Curtiss – you realize your double-wide is 3x bigger than my studio in nyc :)

    I had dishnetwork at my old apt and really overall like it more than this time warner crap.

    but the cable modem is faster here.

    satellite internet has come a long way from the olden days where you had to use the phone line to upload…

    congrats and good luck – i have no idea what that thing is – but like the iron maiden poster

  • Thanks. I had no idea that my new house was that much larger than your apartment. However, you also have to realize that, assuming you live by yourself (although, who can afford to do that in NY), we have 5 times as many people living there. :)

    The item below my monitor is a USB archiving turntable. It is a record player designed specifically to be plugged into your computer (through a USB sound cable) to archive your records in digital format. It’s pretty cool.

  • allen

    that is so cool – my mother had a ton of records that we could have digitized

    tho a lot were my kiddie records :)