Patriots vs. Colts

Well, it’s halftime of the “biggest regular season game in history”. Unless the Patriots come out of the locker room in the second half as a completely different team, I don’t see things going their way tonight. They have been playing poorly, given up a huge interception and been penalized for over 100 yards in the first half. In the last 30 seconds of the first half, they gave up a huge play, allowing the Colts to score a touchdown and take the lead.

I am sorely disappointed in the way the Patriots have been playing so far this evening. Being that I am, at heart, a Dolphins fan, I am used to disappointment. However, with my wife having been a big fan of the Patriots for over 10 years, I had started to direct my favor toward the Pats, who have rarely let me down.

Regardless of which team I root for, though, one thing is for sure: I don’t like the Colts (or the Jets, but that’s a different story for a different day). It makes me sick to watch the Patriots, who have been an absolute powerhouse this entire season, fall apart in such a terrible fashion. The amount of penalties they’ve incurred today is enough to make any fan angry.

I guess we’ll see how things go in the second half, but I’m not holding my breath. I hope they prove me wrong.

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