The CNET of Business

A few months ago, I received a newsletter in my e-mail inbox. How I got on their list, I really couldn’t tell you. I don’t know if they sent out a massive spam campaign, or if I signed up with an affiliate, unknowingly opening myself up to these types of messages, etc.

However, the newsletter was not typical of the spam I normally receive. It was actually full of pretty decent, interesting information.

The newsletter I received came from BNET is basically the CNET of businesses. They are a sister site to ZDNet (which is also a subsidiary of CNET). The site is chock full of advice for all levels of entrepreneurs and employees. There are always start-up tips, tips on how to deal with your boss, tips on how to be a more effective employee and much more.

Unfortunately, because business is not an exact science, you have to be wary of the information you find. There is just as much bad advice on the site as there is good advice. However, the good advice you’ll find on the site can be extremely helpful.

Some of the better articles I’ve come across are:

My advice to you is to visit the site, pick through the articles, and read everything with a very discerning eye. You can certainly pick up on some very good tips, but you need to proceed with caution in order to not pick up any of the bad habits they sometimes recommend.

As with everything, read it carefully and take from it what you will.

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