A Dad That Means Business This Christmas

I was viewing my My Yahoo! homepage this morning and came across a very interesting news story. Apparently, a Canadian man came home from work early and found his 15-year old son smoking marijuana in the backyard.

How did the dad decide to punish his delinquent offspring? He sold the Christmas present he was planning to bestow upon his son next week.

That’s right, he put it up on ebay and sold it. This wasn’t just any Christmas present, though. It was the sought-after Guitar Hero 3 for the Nintendo Wii. All-in-all, the dad ended up making a cool $8,700 profit from his kid’s poor decision.

Maybe I should put my kids’ Christmas gifts up on ebay :).

2 Responses

  • allen

    if it’s a wii – don’t put it on ebay, i will take it


    interesting story – bet that kid never lights up again!

  • i would definitely light up, playing real guitar instead. much more fun