Chrome for a Cause

Chrome for a CauseFor those of you that haven’t heard, or maybe weren’t sure if this was real; Google has partnered with some major charities to offer “Chrome for a Cause.” The concept is, when you browse the Web using Chrome, you’ll earn a small amount of credit for each and every new tab you open. At the end of each day, you can donate those credits to one of five different causes.

Google explains the breakdown of what resources are donated for each block of tabs you open in their blog post about this interesting and innovative campaign.

All you have to do to participate in this campaign is install the Chrome for a Cause extension in Chrome (well, first you have to have the Chrome Web browser installed on your computer). Then, simply browse the Web as you normally would, and the extension will keep track of how many new tabs you open throughout the day. At the time of this writing (around 10 p.m. EST), I have opened a total of 141 new tabs since I got on my computer this morning at 8. How many tabs do you think you’ll open in a day?