Chrome Improves Auto-Complete

A few days ago, I opened Chrome on my Vista 64-bit computer and noticed something different when I went to fill in a form. The auto-complete feature was different than it had been in the past; different than any other browser I’ve used. Now, the auto-complete (or auto-suggest, I guess, is more appropriate) feature on Web forms is now more inline with the way the browser address/search bar works in Chrome.

When you begin typing, instead of simply loading a list of suggestions, it automatically selects the most appropriate item from the list of suggestions. Therefore, if the selected suggestion is correct, you can simply hit the tab key to move onto the next form field. No longer do you have to choose an option using the mouse pointer or the cursor keys, it automatically chooses one for you.

Today, I updated Chrome on my Linux Mint installation, as well, and noticed that the feature has been implemented there, too. Therefore, this feature is definitely available in the latest “unstable” (or “developer’s”) versions of Chrome for Ubuntu and Windows, at least. Is anyone else seeing this in their versions of Chrome? Any idea when this feature was added? I don’t see it in any of the official release notes from Google.

One Response

  • Unfortunately, it seems that this feature has been removed from the newest versions of Chrome. Just as I’d started to get used to it, too. :(