Some Nice Chrome Extensions

This will be a quick post mentioning some of my favorite extensions for the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Web Developer – The classic Firefox extension has been rewritten for use with Google Chrome. This is an absolute must-have for any Web developer, allowing you to disable CSS, images, javascript and more, view important information about a page, manipulate forms and more.Edit – The developer’s website does not seem to currently include a link to the Chrome extension. It can be downloaded from the Chrome Extensions gallery.
  2. Feedly – I’ve explained feedly in detail in the past, but it’s worth another mention, here.
  3. Google Account Switcher – adds a link to all of your Google pages, allowing you to easily switch between multiple Google accounts. Unfortunately, at the moment, this extension doesn’t seem to be working for me in Chrome 4.1. I’m not sure if Google made changes that stopped it from working, or if it only works in the latest development versions of Chrome but, at the very least, this is a good extension to keep an eye on.
  4. BuiltWith – allows you to view information about the various libraries and technologies used to build specific applications and Web pages.
  5. HTML Validation – adds an icon to your extension toolbar, indicating whether or not the page you’re viewing is coded with valid HTML. If it’s not, the icon shows the number of errors/warnings. It’s not as good as the HTML Validator/HTMLTidy plug-in for Firefox, but it’s definitely a good start.

2 Responses

  • Hi, I find Web Developer Extension useful but link given seems to for Firefox, where can I get for chrome?

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated the post to include the link to the Web Developer extension in the Chrome Extensions gallery.