Top 5 Cool Links for 9/1

We present the Top 5 Cool Links for the week ended 9/1/2006.

This week, we have found 5 cool links with some variety! They are presented in random order. These links were picked not only because they are cool but also for their ability to help you with your design and development needs.

  1. Official Seal Generator – Ever wanted to create a seal as if you graduated from a great college? What about a seal suggesting you are something better than you are? Well you can at the Seal Generator!
  2. RSS to PDF – Make PDF documents from any RSS feed
  3. Internet Frog – check all kinds of network settings with the frog!
  4. A dot for every second – A great way to waste the day away!
  5. BoredatSchool – Allows you to use an anonymous proxy to browse the Internet from school

Post your comments on the above and also post cool links and maybe they will become a “cool link” — note that the links must be web development or design related. Spammers will be fined $25 per spam, payable via paypal or cash.

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  • Free application to manage and share photos and calendars. Future plans are to add other tools, search for friends features, etc…