Cool game, but poor choice for site navigation

Okay, so Marble Madness was a really cool game back in the day. I am willing to admit that. However, using that same concept as the navigation for your Web site is a really poor choice.

Janet Jackson’s Web development team obviously disagrees, however, as that’s exactly what they’ve done with her site. I happened upon her official Web site a few weeks ago (please don’t ask me to explain why I was there, I’m really not certain) and found it to be the most horrendous site I have ever encountered.

Navigating Janet’s Web site is similar to playing a puzzle game like Marble Madness. You apparently have to move your mouse at just the right speed and place the pointer in just the right place in order to get anywhere on the site. It’s a skill I have not mastered, although I did take the time to try simply to see if I could figure it out. I didn’t.

If you visit the site and click on one of the initial links, good luck getting back to the main navigation.

I submitted the site to a few weeks ago, but I don’t know if it was ever published there or not. Regardless, I just had to share my experience with the public. Enjoy!

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  • Well! that’s really Virgin Records who made that site so that may speak for what you may have went through.

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