img/stack Helps You Manipulate Images on the Fly

Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan has announced that a new version of <img/>stack is now live. The service is described as, “<img/>stack works by taking a URL to an image and instructions on what to do with that image to create a new image on the fly.”

Tobin noted in an email exchange, “I wanted to simply request the image based on how I needed it for the page and just expect it to be there.  Cropped, resized, centered… I didn’t want to have to go back and forth between photoshop and batch processing scripts.”

There’s a tutorial on how the service works which is pretty easy to understand. Basically you can resize an image, crop an image, create thumbnails and fit an image to a specific size. The application lives on their server, you just call the parameters and the image to change and it will render the image as requested on the screen.

Looks like it could be a good fit for web applications that handle a lot of images for products or even avatars.

One Response

  • Yes, stack automatically handles images based on rules one sets up. One can easily host his/her own images on the server. As far as stack is concerned, this image processing service does not need any application to download, absolutely no libraries to install and no image uploads. It is ideal for social network applications, custom Internet applications and Javascript widgets. Current processing functions supported include Crop, Thumbnail, Resize and Fit to Size. Functions like Flip, Rotate and Overlay are coming soon.

    The new version of stack seems promising