FiXT Introduces “Podsafe” Music

A few weeks ago, FiXT Music, the record label founded by Klayton of Celldweller, announced a new concept for the music released on the label. Much of the music released was now considered “Podsafe,” meaning that purchasing the music from the Fixt Store grants you a license to use the music in non-commercial audio and video podcasts and other online materials. Following is the announcement they sent out.

We are proud to announce a new feature for the FiXT Store… “Podsafe Music“!

Any Album or MP3 purchased from the FiXT Store that has the “Podsafe/YouTube Safe” message on the product page can be used in your next podcast or YouTube video.

  • Non-Commercial Use Only
  • Non-Profit Use Only
  • Online Use Only (no Radio or TV, etc…)
  • Must Provide Audio or On-Screen Credit

For full details on Podsafe Music, please visit our Podsafe Music page!

The nice thing is that the Podsafe license has been added to a great deal of the music in FiXT’s back catalog, allowing customers to immediately begin using the music, rather than having to wait for new music to be released.

If you’re working on a new audio or video project and you need some music to use (assuming it meets the requirements of the Podsafe license), you really should check out the music available on the FiXT Store. All you have to do is buy a great album, and you can then begin using any of the music on that album. Enjoy.