Another innovative way to promote music

Celldweller, an artist I have followed for close to 15 years, through multiple aliases, has come up with another innovative way to promote his music. In partnership with a group called trueAnthem, along with video game publisher ubiSoft, is giving away 16 free tracks from various sources, including his debut album from the Celldweller project, fan remix contests and his forthcoming sophomore release.

For those of you that don’t know, Celldweller is just one of many projects/alias for a man generally known as Klayton or Klay Scott. For a while, he was known as Scott Albert (possibly his birthname, although confirmed biographical details are extremely difficult to come by), Buka, Dred, Circle of Dust, and many more. He has collaborated with many different artists from all walks of life. Some notable collaborators on his various projects include Tommy Victor of Prong — Prong is now signed on Klayton’s “fixt” record label — Mark Solomon of Outer Circle, The Crucified and Stavesacre, Living Sacrifice, Klank, Criss Angel and many more. He has been credited with inspiring other great industrial artists including Stabbing Westward.

He has provided music for countless video game and motion picture soundtracks (including the Spiderman movies), the theme song for MTV Sports, the three-part (over three hours of music) soundtrack to Criss Angel’s live “Angel Dust” (a combination of Angel’s last name and the last word in Klayton’s original project Circle of Dust) stage show, much of the music from season one of Mindfreak (Criss Angel’s TV show), and so much more.

The following information was posted on Celldweller’s facebook page:

FiXT Remix – PRE-LAUNCH Fan Contest:
Celldweller GRAB & TOUCH Round 1 “Myspace”
Contest Duration: 6/6/08 – 7/4/08

Celldweller has released 16 Tracks of free music from the FiXT Remix Competition in a viral widget and now you can help spread the free tracks for a chance to win an iPod Touch. The compilation features some of the best remixes from 3 Celldweller remix contests, along with the album version of the songs and 2 bonus tracks, including a version of “Birthright” from the upcoming Celldweller Sophomore album. FiXT & Celldweller have been looking for a way to distribute these tracks for free and have found 2 partners to make it happen – True Anthem and Ubisoft’s latest video game Haze. True Anthem has provided Celldweller with a customized widget, which can be easily added to any webpage including Facebook, Myspace, and virtually any other social networking profile, making it easy to share with fans and friends. That’s where you come in…

So How Does the Contest Work?
The Widget is made to be a viral, easily distributed tool. This is done by “Grabbing” a copy of the widget from our site and posting it on your own webpage. We can not only track everyone who grabs it from us, but also see how many times other people “Grab” it from you. The person who accumulates the most “Grabs” from their page during the next month will become the owner of shiny new iPod Touch!

What Exactly Do I Do?
Round 1 “Myspace” will focus only on spreading the widget at – so you’ll be grabbing the widget from our Myspace Page (

er). Future rounds will focus on both personal & other social networking sites (ie – Facebook, etc…)

• GRAB this widget (top right corner) and embed it on only ONE of your own Myspace profiles for more people to find (if you put it on multiple pages that you use, you’ll actually be competing with yourself).

• Tell your Friends to grab the widget from YOUR page (not ours) and that will give you a “Grab.” Try sending bulletins, posting comments, using status updates, blogs and e-mail to tell your friends to get the widget on your page.

• Sit Back and Watch, and now you can walk around with that warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy now that you’ve helped pass along free music that you dig.

Contest Start Date: 6/6/08 | Contest End Date: 7/4/08

About FiXT Remix

FiXT Remix is the new home of the Celldweller Remix Competition, as well as the future home for other artist’s remix & fan contests. FiXT is currently building a new website to house the competitions & community. While the new site is in development, FiXT not only invites you to participate in this Site Pre-Launch Fan Contest by supporting Celldweller’s True Anthem Music Widget, but also to enter in a special Pre-Launch Remix Contest featuring Subkulture’s debut single “Erasus.” The contest is already underway at

Be sure to grab the widget from this page and share it around the Web. Who knows, maybe one of us will even win an iPod Touch on which to play Celldweller’s fantastic music.