Another Virgin Mobile Data Outage

Virgin Mobile appears to be experiencing another semi-major data service outage. Just before 3 p.m. EST, both of my Virgin Mobile MiFi 2200 devices stopped working. They reported that they were not activated. After several attempts to reactivate the devices, I called the technical support phone line as instructed by the device control panel.

I spent over an hour on the phone with the support technician, who did little more than ask me to restart the device a few times, attempt to reactivate the device multiple times and even restart my computer once. At the end of the call, she informed me that there was an outage in my area, but she was also opening an “investigation” into the issue I am experiencing.

This is the third multi-hour outage Virgin has experienced in the last few months. I am seriously starting to regret having made the MiFi my sole source of Internet access (other than my phone, of course).

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Update: Service appears to have returned at approximately 7 p.m. EST

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  • Kris

    Soooo Out of date. Please take this stuff down.

    • Hey Kris, this was old rant by one unhappy customer -)