Why Your Computer Parts Turn Yellow

While browsing the Internet, looking for nothing in particular, I found a very interesting article about plastic discoloration. For those of you that have noticed your monitors, computer cases, or even video game consoles turning yellow over time, this is a very good read. For those of you looking to prevent your computer parts from yellowing in the future, this article is invaluable. For those of you simply interested in the science behind plastic discoloration, this article is a fantastic resource.

For anyone interested in the topic at hand, please visit and read the article. It really is a good, informative read.

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  • Allen

    That’s pretty interesting curtiss – I know my snes also turned yellow. And I can remember my mother bitching about me not keeping it clean. I should show her this!

    BTW- doesn’t your new job start tomm!!?!?!

  • Yup. New job starts tomorrow. I’m pretty psyched. The transition out of my old job was pretty difficult, but nice.

    I generally don’t read articles like the one mentioned in this blog post, but I found that one to be so interesting and informative, and just thought I’d post it.

  • Allen

    i can’t wait to hear how your first day went!