More Computer Woes

For those of you wondering why I’ve still not been around much, here’s a little summary:

I bought my new computer on April 1. On April 8, I broke it while I was backing up my hard drives and trying to partition them in order to install OpenSuSE. On April 10, I called HP Tech Support. On April 13, they shipped me a box to pack my computer into and send off to them for repairs. April 15, I dropped the box at a FedEx drop-off location. April 17, I figured out that the FedEx drop-off location never shipped my computer, so I picked it back up. I then shipped it directly through a FedEx delivery person on April 18. April 20, my computer arrived at HP for repairs. It is now April 29, and I still have yet to receive any sort of word from HP as to how long it will take to get my computer fixed and sent back to me.

Needless to say I’m not all that impressed with HP’s customer support, but I guess it’s my own darn fault for trying to install SuSE without realizing that Vista doesn’t play nicely with Linux under normal circumstances.

So, I finally dug my old computer out of the shed yesterday and hooked it up. However, that computer is still having the same problems that it was having when I put it away (imagine that, no magical fairies snuck into my shed over night and fixed it), so my time on the computer is limited while I’m at home. While I’m at work, I can’t do much for two reasons: 1) I’m at work, and I’m supposed to be working, and 2) they have some sort of Internet filter set up so that you can’t access ISP pages from work, so I can’t log in to the Netfirms control panel or anything while I’m there.

Anyway, I’ll try to do the things I need to do, but I won’t be doing much else for the time being, until I get my new computer back and get it set up again.

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  • allen

    wow curtiss – sorry to hear – i think this will be a good week for you!