What a ripoff

Just a quick post to say how silly I am, and what a ripoff Sony’s Memory Sticks can be. On Black Friday, I purchased what I thought was a great deal. I got a 2 gigabyte Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo for my Sony Cybershot camera for less than $20.

Unfortunately, the card I bought didn’t come with a Memory Stick adapter. That meant, since I didn’t have one, that I needed to go out and purchase a Memory Stick adapter. Unfortunately, it’s nigh impossible to find the adapter all by itself. Therefore, I had to buy another Memory Stick that came with the adapter. I was only able to find two Memory Sticks that came with the adapters. One was a 1 gig stick for $35 and the other was a 2 gig stick for about $50. I ended up buying the 1 gig stick.

I found an adapter all by itself on Sandisk’s Web site for less than $10, but they were out of stock. I also found a few “replacement” adapters on other Web sites, but they were all between $15 and $20, and every single one of the Web sites wanted like $10 for shipping.

What a ripoff.

While I was at Walmart, though, I did see a neat little gadget. I found an adapter that turns an SD memory card into a flash USB drive. You just put the memory card inside of the little gadget and close it up. Then, you’ve got a USB thumb drive that you can plug into just about anything. Oh well. I blew my wad buying the stupid Memory Stick with an adapter, so I didn’t end up buying the SD memory card/USB flash drive thingy.

2 Responses

  • allen

    wow Curtiss – that sucks – the only time i bought memory stick was a gift for Till – and i believe it came with an adapter but this was close to say 2 yrs ago.

    Very sneaky!

  • Lep

    And Sony is thinking, “Ha, money well spent!”