Fujifilm S700 Finepix Digital Camera

My parents bought me a Fujifilm S700 Finepix digital camera for Christmas. I bought myself a Sony Cybershot digital camera about six or seven years ago, but it was finally starting to get worn out. It took great pictures as long as you held perfectly still and you had ideal lighting conditions, but other than that, it was pretty dodgy.

The new camera my parents bought for me is quite impressive. It’s a point-and-shoot camera, but it can be used basically as a professional-grade unit. Out-of-the-box, it features 10x optical zoom (not that crappy “digital zoom” that’s no different than using Photoshop to zoom in on something), a digital viewfinder (finding a camera that comes with a viewfinder at all nowadays is quite difficult, but the digital viewfinder is extremely nice), a memory slot that’s compatible with SD and XD memory cards, an automatic pop-up flash and a lot more. In addition, if you purchase extra equipment for the camera, you can put different lenses on the camera.

I used the camera last night and this morning to take photos of our Christmas celebrations, and I have to say I was very impressed. Taking good pictures inside our house is always a difficult task because of the crummy light conditions. However, this camera took it all in stride and took some really great photos.

For anyone looking for a new digital camera, I would absolutely recommend this unit.

One Response

  • allen

    wow – 10x zoom, that would so rock, mine has 3x zoom.

    when i checked the cam out on amazon, it has a huge eyefinder – which would certainly help me for better shots than using the display.

    it looks very professional.

    hope you enjoy it curtiss!