Taking the next step to DIV – part I

We are facing a dilemma at work… some of the outside coding firms we work with are using div for html layout. Should I begin to train my staff on this new method?

Ok – so here is the issue. More and more of the development and design firms we use at work are using DIV for layout. I have steered away from DIV for layout because my concern is how to get my staff of in-house developers to get up-to-speed on DIV.

We have been using “basic” html for years now. In the last six months, we added the requirement that all pages must be valid before being pushed to production. In the first few weeks, this was very hard for many of the group. Actually let me restate. I think it was difficult in adding an extra step.

Also, if we move to DIV for layout, I want the pages to be hand coded. No dreamweaver or the like. I wonder how hard this will be to implement, especially with the agencies.

Anyway, thats all I have on this topic for today. As this journey progresses, I will add additional information. Please post a comment if you have ideas or thoughts in this area.