Adobe Alternatives Part 2 – DreamWeaver

Using the WYSIWYG and Source Editor in Split mode with QuantaPlus

Okay, admittedly, it would be nigh impossible to find a Web development application with the same list of features Dreamweaver has. However, QuantaPlus (and the rest of the KDE Web Dev suite) still offers a great deal of functionality. While the WYSIWYG portion of QuantaPlus isn’t nearly as reliable as Dreamweaver nor are the code completion and hints quite as nice as those in Dreamweaver; Quanta does offer a lot of other features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Through the QuantaPlus interface (using some of the default plugins), you can work directly with a concurrent versioning system (CVS), you can search and replace text within all files in a specific directory and much more.

Also, QuantaPlus offers the ability to check your spelling within the document you are creating, which is another feature you won’t find in Dreamweaver.

There are many other features built into this application. In addition, you can find a bunch of additional extensions created by users. You can either download the extensions from the QuantaPlus Web site and install them manually or you can download and install them automatically through the program.

Because QuantaPlus is dependent upon KDE, it’s only available in Linux. However, it is free and open-source, so if you are a Linux user and a Web developer (or a coder of any sort, as QuantaPlus is actually designed to work with many languages other than those used in Web development), you should definitely give it a spin.