Extracting Images from a Word 2007 Document

If your office is anything like mine, you get a lot of Web site content sent to you inside of Word documents. Most of the time, that’s the best way of doing things, since formatting within e-mail is so inconsistent and unreliable. The main problem with using Word documents to send new Web site content is the inclusion of images. A lot of people will embed the images directly in a Word document without attaching the originals to the e-mail message.

Normally, it can be extremely difficult to actually extract images from Word documents. Microsoft did not include any reliable tools to save the images out of the document. Once they’re in there, there’s no simple way to get the original images out.

img/stack Helps You Manipulate Images on the Fly

Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan has announced that a new version of <img/>stack is now live. The service is described as, “<img/>stack works by taking a URL to an image and instructions on what to do with that image to create a new image on the fly.”

Tobin noted in an email exchange, “I wanted to simply request the image based on how I needed it for the page and just expect it to be there.  Cropped, resized, centered… I didn’t want to have to go back and forth between photoshop and batch processing scripts.”

There’s a tutorial on how the service works which is pretty easy to understand. Basically you can resize an image, crop an image, create thumbnails and fit an image to a specific size. The application lives on their server, you just call the parameters and the image to change and it will render the image as requested on the screen.

Looks like it could be a good fit for web applications that handle a lot of images for products or even avatars.

New Version of Gallery

For those of you that might have missed it, the folks that put together Gallery released a new version a few weeks ago. Gallery is a fantastic PHP-based, open-source, free application that allows you to easily create and manage photo galleries on your Web site.

The new feature list for Gallery 2.3 is fairly impressive. They seem to have put a lot of effort into improving the comment feature, the administration area and much more.

I upgraded one of my Gallery installations in a matter of just a few minutes, using their “pre-installer” script that automatically downloads, unzips and installs the software on your server. Whether you are upgrading an older installation or installing a whole new photo gallery, I would highly recommend using the pre-installer.

Why You Should Be Careful About What You Post

One of my colleagues forwarded a good article from MSN to me today. I thought I would share it with you guys, in case you didn’t see it for yourselves. Enjoy.

Gallery2 – A Very Nice Photo Management Application

I have been using and customizing a couple of Gallery2 installations at work and in my personal life. I have to say that I am extremely impressed at how advanced and powerful the application really is.

The installer is probably the easiest (besides WordPress) installation I’ve ever performed. All I had to do was download a small starter package, add a password and upload it to the correct directory. From there, the installer transferred all of the necessary files from Gallery’s server over to mine and gave me very explicit instructions on how to configure all of the settings.