Mozilla and Firefox Down – Get Your Firefox On Here

mozilla  and firefoxToday is the big day – that’s right today is Firefox day! I have been waiting for weeks, have been practicing downloading, and even woke up early just to be ready. So I am all ready to download the Firefox 3 browser and be part of history – but the site is down. And when the Firefox site isn’t down, it’s pointing people to Firefox 2. To heck I say, let’s all go back to using Lynx – the world was a better place then – heck gas was 79c a gallon then.

If you are looking to download the Firefox 3 browser, here’s another location for immediate download we are told.

Don’t forget tonight’s party in NYC – I believe even if the Firefox/Mozilla sites are down, the party will still go on!

And check out:

Update 2pm Eastern – the site is back and now there’s a groovy counter – there’s loads of numbers on the counter but nothing matches up so your guess is as good as mine!