Microsoft Releases IE8 Comparison Chart

I nearly lost my lunch when I saw the chart below. It’s a comparison chart between Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), Firefox and Chrome. I should note that I am an IE user – I run different things in IE and Firefox.

Microsoft took an internal comparison look at the following categories: security, privacy, ease of use, web standards, developer tools, reliability, customizability, compatibility, manageability and performance.

I am using IE7 so I can’t comment on how good or bad IE8 is but it’s a bit odd that a company would show a chart that makes their browser look amazingly better than the competition. IE8 wins or ties in every category and some of the comments seem like an agency was involved. Here are a couple of examples, “Of course Internet Explorer 8 wins this one” and “Neither Firefox nor Chrome provide guidance or enterprise tools. That’s just not nice.” Is there really not one area that Firefox or Chrome is better than IE8? (I have no idea so someone educate me plz)

My advice to Microsoft is to just sell us on why IE8 is great – don’t worry about comparisons – we will take care of those as users.

It looks like Microsoft is trying to come across as cutsie but it just didn’t work for me. Did it work for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • […] today, Allen posted a story about Microsoft releasing a chart comparing IE8, Firefox 3 and Chrome (who knows which version). […]

  • […] today, Allen posted a story about Microsoft releasing a chart comparing IE8, Firefox 3 and Chrome (who knows which version). […]

  • Allen: speaking about ease of use: check out the new tab king extension (could be a better name I suppose…) for Firefox from – that’s my ultimate speed dial as of today. Go Firefox go! I guess that we’re missing a big check mark for FF there


  • That rating scale has to be a bloody joke!!! If it was not Microsoft themselves making it, then it was some lame company who was probably going to go under unless if Microsoft gave them a wealthy donation.

    Hmm, this makes me want to google browser (IE8 in particular) comparison charts!

    PS: The ppl who made those comments should go bing themselves.

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  • Lay Lay

    Well, to be honest, which one is better will need to leave it to the users to decide and the comments from the creators should only be used as a reference/guide

    As for developers, the comparison charts will serve as a guide/ reference/ head start for web site development; the need to adapt one’s web site to fully utlize the features of the browser…

    A comment from a user cum web developer