jQuery Fundamentals Training – Free for Next 36 Hours

The Plural Sight training group has launched a new course around jQuery.  The course is listed as a beginner class and apparently is available for free for the next 36 hours. I haven’t watched any sections of the course yet but plan to this evening. I wanted to get the link out to ya’all now in case you want to participate you will have the maximum free time to participate.

Here’s part of the topics that will be covered:

  • jQuery Fundamentals: Introduction, Referencing a jQuery Script, Using Content Delivery Networks, Using the jQuery Ready Function, Getting to Know the jQuery Documentation
  • Using jQuery Selectors: What are Selectors?, Selecting Nodes by Tag Name, Selecting Nodes by ID, Selecting Input Nodes
  • Interacting with the DOM: Iterating Through Nodes, Modifying Properties and Attributes, Adding and Removing Nodes, Modifying Styles
  • Handling Events: jQuery Event Model Benefits, Handling Events, Binding to Events, Handling Hover Events
  • Working with Ajax Features: jQuery Ajax Functions, Loading HTML Content from the Server, Making GET Requests, Making POST Requests

Update – the free period is now over, if you want to watch the videos you will need to buy a subscription.

3 Responses

  • How do you get the free training. Nothing here tells when the 36 hours start and stop. At this time, this all appears to be a jerk around.


    • The 36 hours began sometime on Feb. 23, which is when this blog post was published. It appears to be over, now. If you had visited the page during that 36 hour period, you could have clicked on any of the lessons in the class, and you would have been able to watch them for free. Now, since the 36 hour period has ended, it looks like the links have been removed from each lesson, so you can’t watch them for free anymore.

      • Allen

        yea looks like it is over – i will update the post