IE6 Usage Below 5% in the U.S.

According to a new website Microsoft launched last week; currently only 2.9% of Internet users in the United States are using Internet Explorer 6. Worldwide, IE6 usage is still at 12.0%. However, only 10 of the 43 countries displayed on the chart have higher than 5% IE6 usage. Of those 10 countries, 8 are Asian nations.

Therefore, if you are developing websites primarily for American and European audiences, you might be able to safely abandon IE6 altogether in your development process. Obviously you should do your own research into the incidence of IE6 users wherever possible, as you might find that your website serves a much higher percentage.

In addition, Net Applications (the research company from which Microsoft gathered the information), Google’s Chrome browser seems to have a global market share of almost 11%, roughly half of Firefox’s global market share right now.

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  • e-Web Services, LLC

    I too have seen a drastic decline in IE6 users on my clients websites. The safest thing to do is create a browser redirect to prompt the user to download the latest version of IE.