GlobalScape Releases CuteSendIt

CuteSendIt LogoGlobalScape, the company behind CuteFTP, CuteHTML (which was discontinued a little over a year ago) and many more useful Windows-based applications for Web developers, has unveiled a brand new service called CuteSendIt.

CuteSendIt is a browser-based file sending utility. With the free version of CuteSendIt, you can send files up to 100 megabytes each to any recipient you choose. You can send up to 10 files per month, and use a total of 1gigabyte of bandwidth each month.

With the corporate plan (the highest level, which runs $79.99 per month or $799.99 per year), you can send files up to four gigabytes each, send an unlimited number of files use unlimited bandwidth.

I haven’t tested the service, yet, but I can imagine it being extremely useful for people that need to send large files back and forth. We’ve all been on the receiving end of an e-mail that contains a 50+ megabyte attachment, and we all know just how annoying that can be (especially on a slower connection). This will be a great utility to save us from those sorts of problems.

I know that there are other utilities out there that offer similar services, but I think this one might offer some features (the four gigabyte filesize, for instance) that the others don’t.