How Much Bandwidth Do You Use?

I was doing some research into my various Web hosting accounts the other day to see what services we absolutely need from a host. I noticed that, according to our log files, we are using between 125 and 175 gigabytes of bandwidth each month on one of our accounts and at least 175 gigs/mo. on our other account. We’re averaging approximately 300-500 visits each day.

Granted, on both of our sites, we offer a lot of large downloads, so that accounts for a great deal of our bandwidth. Still, though, I cannot even imagine what we would be paying for that type of usage if we were stuck in an older hosting plan.

How much bandwidth are you using on an average basis? Do the numbers mentioned above sound utrageous, or are they fairly standard? What are your thoughts?

2 Responses

  • I use 20-30GB/day, I have had months that my usage went over 1TB/month

  • Wow. That seems like an extreme amount of bandwidth.

    Are you offering large downloads, do you have large images on your pages or do you just get an insane amount of visitors each day?