Ecard Design World Championchip

Mark, who’s our local design guru at HTMLCenter, relaunched his website ecard service Maxtango. Maxtango features very well designed designer ecards for those who are not comfortable with the average Bluemountain ecard. Please spread!

Here’s his press release:
Maxtango is a free Ecard service created for the design community to engage, participate and exchange in the fun of sending Ecards. Ecards are Conversations. Communication has become one of the most important and effective entities in digital media, being highly effective and indispensable. Ecards carry a message, emotion or feeling.

Ecard Quality is very important to Maxtango. We wanted to keep as much user involvement as possible. We have built a set of features into maxtango that will eventually determine the “quality” of an Ecard. Such include the Rating (1-10), the number of pickups (assuming that good cards are being sent around more often) and the comments (direct feedback to an Ecard by users). Based on these values, Ecards can be evaluated by the system – while you still make the choices and pick the Ecards you like!

EDWWC – Ecard Design World Championship
To celebrate the (re)launch of, we are curating an international design competition, calling all creatives, designers, artists, media makers, movie and flash gurus, students, hobbyists and spectators to design an Ecard. With the Ecard design competition we expect many great Ecards to be added to from May 19 – July 19. With the launch of the new maxtango website you can upload up to 10 Ecards in 2 different categories. Check the details on this page and go crazy, it’s best to start today.

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