CSS Table Gallery

Last week I was looking for good examples of HTML table layouts. Not for the code, but for the style… the colors, the borders, etc. After some searching, I found a site from Chris Heilmann in the UK. He put together a really nice list of CSS styles for HTML tables. He links out to each of the styles so you can download the ones you like. But what really makes his gallery special is that you can click a style and the gallery table changes to that style so you can see a preview instantly.

Check it out here: http://icant.co.uk/csstablegallery/index.php

2 Responses

  • Grant


    How would I use the css styles in a wordpress template?

    Any ideas.


  • To use these styles on all tables within your WordPress installation, you would simply copy the code from the CSS file and paste it into the CSS file for your WordPress template.

    If you just want this applied to certain tables, you’re going to have to alter the CSS file you download and add some class or ID selectors to the definitions.