CSS Cursors


To add context to the elements in your documents you can use the Cursor property to control how the pointer will be displayed when it passes over your elements.

This declaration only works in IE4 Animated cursors can not be defined.

Values and their descriptions include:

auto: Allows the Enduser’s browser to select the Cursor.

crosshair: Crosshair

default: Default Cursor

pointer: Pointer that indicates a link.

move: Indicates something is to be moved

*-resize: Cursor used to reposition windows.

text: Text I-bar.

wait: Busy or wait hourglass cursor.

help: Help cursor

url: Is used to download a cursor. Special Care should be taken using this Value.

The selector and tag would look like:


A.help {cursor:help}

</style><A class=help href="faq.html" mce_href="faq.html">help</a>

Here are some test cursors you can try:

AUTO Crosshair Default Pointer
Move *-resize Text wait help