CGForms First Beta Released

Over the last few years, I have been slowly working on developing a series of PHP classes to handle Web forms. I have finally got enough of the code together and in a portable format to feel comfortable releasing it to the public. The project is called CGForms, is hosted on SourceForge and is completely open and free.

CGForms is intended to make things easier and provide a process for PHP developers to churn out Web forms without having to worry about writing complex processing and validating scripts over and over again. CGForms offers a centralized codebase from which all of your forms are generated, validated and processed (by sending results through e-mail – using HTMLMimeMail5 – and/or saving them to a database).

As mentioned, the code has been slowly developed by a single person over a few years, so there are bound to be plenty of things that could be done more efficiently or differently. That’s why it’s posted on SourceForge. Hopefully other developers will start to take a look at it and help to improve the code. The project actually began as my first experiment with object-oriented PHP, attempting to get a better grasp on how the objects and classes work and interact with each other.

This package is not intended for casual PHP users and is definitely not intended for use by people with no PHP experience. Developers using this code will need to have a basic understanding of how object-oriented programming works in PHP.

This is not a user interface or form generator. Rather, it is a collection of PHP classes to make generating, validating and processing forms intuitive and simple.

If you are a PHP developer and are interested in something like this, please head on over and check it out. If you’ve got any improvements you’d like to make to the code, I would love for you to contribute to the project.