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Website GraderOne of my colleagues sent me a link the other day to Web Site Grader, and asked me to check it out. I popped on over to the site and entered a few URLs to sites that I work on. I was pleasantly surprised to see how in-depth and accurate the analysis provided appears to be.

The utility is an SEO analyzer that rates your site in comparison to all of the other sites that have been analyzed using the tool. It offers quite a few interesting options, including the ability to compare your site to specific competitors, the ability to grade your site on specific keywords, etc.

Most of the reports I ran scored around 80/100, showing that the sites are decent, but they have a lot of room for improvement. That came as no real surprise to me, as most of the sites are still running within older structures, and very little optimization has been performed on any of them.

HTMLCenter ranked extremely well, and stands up surprisingly well to some of its competition. When I ran a report on HTMLCenter, comparing it to that annoying Web site that attempts to mask all of its forum questions and answers (you know – the one that begins with experts and ends with a synonym for trading – I am not going to mention the actual name of it, because I do not want to give them any free publicity) and webdeveloper.com. I provided the keywords “html”, “programming” and “scripting”.

I found that HTMLCenter scored very well, and actually stood up to the “experts” site in a lot of categories. I was especially surprised to see that Web Site Grader seems to think we write on a “Graduate School” level here at HTMLCenter.

Try running a report on your Web sites and see how they stack up to the competition. Let us know what you find, where you might need to improve and where you are doing well.

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  • allen

    heh graduate school level :)