Zemanta Announces Movable Type Distribution

Blogging service Zemanta has announced new compatibility with the Movable Type blogging platform today. Zemanta’s goal is to bring together relevant databases and help enhance content across the Web and in email. They use a variety of databases including Amazon, IMDB, Wikipedia and Last.fm. The idea is that you write a blog post as you always have and Zemanta kicks it up a notch by adding related links content that your users will benefit from.

The interesting news is that Zemanta will be included by default in the new Movable Type 4.32. This is huge for Zemanta because it provides a great distribution play but also an awareness play. It also makes it easy for non-technical users to get started using Zemanta.

The Zemanta team describes the new integration as, “easy peasy lemon squeezy”. No, seriously that’s what they said in their announcement blog post. Easy peasy I’ve heard before but never combined with a lemon squeezy.

Earlier this year Zemanta launched Balloons – also check out our interview with Zemanta CEO Ales Spetic.

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  • Heya!

    Thanks for the kind words! Hehe, the gang here at Zemanta HQ are very happy about this partnership, Movable Type + Zemanta = a match made in heaven!

    Keep an eye out for even more exciting news in the near future :D