WordPress MU Gets an Update

A few weeks ago, the folks at WordPress MU released the latest and greatest version. WordPress MU is now available with WordPress 2.7, which, as I have discussed in the past, was a big change from 2.6, with a lot of nice new features.

I am very impressed at how easy it was to update and how flawlessly the upgrade went. At this time, I only have two or three blogs created in my WordPress MU installation, but it’s nice to know how easy it is to upgrade all of them at once.

For those of you that don’t know what WordPress MU is, here is a short summary. Basically, if you plan to install WordPress on your server more than once, you should use WordPress MU. The software allows you to set up and administrate multiple WordPress blogs from within a single interface. You can create as many blogs and as many users as you want. You can associate different users with different blogs and give each one different permissions on each blog.