WordPress 2.8 Beta Released

WordPress has announced the first beta release of the 2.8 version of the popular blogging software. Check out my post on InformationWeek for more and the full list of changes/updates from WordPress 2.7 to 2.8.

I am looking forward to the tag description field as it helps with search engine optimization and was something I utilized when my sites were using Drupal. What I’d like to see WordPress add is a dashboard that allows for multiple blog administration. While there is the MU version of WordPress, there would still be a benefit for allowing multiple blogs to be administered together or to switch between sites from one admin interface.

Remember that beta software is buggy so proceed with caution.

3 Responses

  • Great news but the information week link is broken, really want more detail, im a junky for my WP monkey. :)

  • “or to switch between sites from one admin interface.”

    You can do that with WordPressMU already. :)

  • Wished they had included a better way to sort posts and pages – instead of having to install the same postmash & pagemash plugins every time (isn’t that essential?), but at least they did improve the menu order, that’s good.