WingSix review and a Very Special Offer!

We chose WingSix for our hosting, here’s why.

About 6 months ago, Till and I decided to begin the process of finding a new web host. The hoster we had was not stable. They had downtime, the server would “stop” processing code, and their support desk took days to respond to our questions and needs.

We did research and tested several hosters before we made a selection. Our selection was WingSix. They are the hosting arm of Server Central. Coming from a bad experience, I was just hopeful that the server would be solid. Boy was I wrong! In the 12 years I have been online, and during that time have used probably 50 different hosting providers. By far WingSix is the top of the class.

Getting an account setup was easy, we chose a vps. A vps is basically like your own server inside a big server. So you can practically load whatever you need on it.

Let’s talk about their support. It seems that they do not sleep. I have submitted support tickets at 6pm and 6am, and a response is provided on both in mere minutes. Their replies are always friendly and written in clear english. Chris is one of the admins at WingSix and has been awesome at some specific technical questions we had in the setup phase.

I know that since we have moved hosters to WingSix, I have slept better :) Till and I no longer discuss how frustrated we are with our hoster. Instead we can focus on what we do best, that is, helping the web design and development community.

WingSix has provided us with a special exclusive offer for HTMLCenter visitors. I am actually shocked the offer is this good because their pricing is already some of the best in the industry! You must click the link below so that the ordering system will know you are coming from HTMLCenter. When you checkout, use the code “HTMLCENTER” to receive 50% off your order! This special offer is only good thru August 14, 2006 so you have to act quick! THE OFFER HAS BEEN EXTENDED THRU SEPTEMBER 14!!!!

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One Response

  • Jason Drohn

    thank you so much for the news! I have literally spent the entire day looking for a hosting company and all I see are bad reviews and small storage! I finally had it narrowed down to 3 hosting providers and you just closed the deal.. Thank you!