Windows 7 Nearly Free For Students

Microsoft announced today that they will be selling Windows 7 Home Premium to students within the U.S. for a mere $29 (75% off the normal price). If any of you are thinking that price sounds familiar, you’re absolutely right. That’s the same price at which Apple is selling upgrades to the new Snow Leopard operating system. There are some major differences between Apple’s offer and Microsoft’s. Here are a few:

  • Microsoft’s offer is only valid for a limited time. You must order by midnight (CST, for some reason) on Jan. 3, 2010
  • Apple’s $29 price only applies to the upgrade (though, as I mentioned in my post about Apple’s offer, there are very few that would need anything other than an upgrade). Microsoft’s offer is for the full version of Windows 7, which can be installed on any newer computer (including Macs).
  • Microsoft’s offer is only valid to students currently enrolled and actively taking at least one course at a college in the U.S. Unfortunately, the offer is not applicable to employees of colleges (unless, of course, they are also students).

As a side note, Microsoft also offers the Ultimate Edition of the Office Suite for $59.95.

With those two deals together, it’s actually cheaper to enroll at a college, take one course (depending on the school and the course, obviously) and then purchase Windows 7 and Office than it is to buy both products at their normal prices.

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  • r4 revolution per ds

    MS did knows how to be modest. Hope this student edition contains features of developer edition too.
    Most of the students who prefer to buy new OS are developers. They work as developer too. Now dont want to install 2 OS in one notebook.