Vanilla is a very lightweight bulletin board software – one could say. But that would probably not praise it enough.

I believe Mark, sent me a link to Vanilla over a year (or so) ago, and since then I have been constantly checking up on the developments – and boy! There have been some.

Finally, in version 1.0, Vanilla today is a complete rewrite of what it had been in version 0.1 when I discovered it. The code has been cleaned up, a vivid community has been formed and from all development a framework called “Lussumo Framework” evolved which just screams to be used for more kick butt apps like vanilla.

Despite all the development (;-)) – Vanilla is still very easy to use – it is obviously not your average forum. It got that Web2.0-look you guys crave for. It’s feature-rich without overwhelming the user, supports multiple languages (yay!), it is standards compliant and if you miss anything, just extend it – hack away!

Mark O’Sullivan hopes that all the fans spread the word, and if you like his products (he wrote a pretty cool filebrowser as well), make sure you send the link to your friends, blog about it and get involved. I think that is not too much to ask.

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