Updated: Stolen Content!

Today while doing a search I found a site that stole our content…

Here is the site:

As you can see, not only did they steal the content, but the design too! This was the HTMLCenter design from 2000-2002 and sadly they did not copy the images….

This takes me back to early 2000 when someone stole our site in Russia — but they left the images loading on my server. So I made sure they learned a lesson when I changed all of the images to bad words :)

It seems they still link to some of our images – so I had a bit of fun with it :) (enter at own risk as the language is harsh and not pg rated)

Tags: stolen content, htmlcenter

2 Responses

  • fred

    Looks like the project of a college student. Maybe used it as a reference or something. Good one… :(

  • Jasmine

    Ya.. I remember that layout. I wonder though that someone did not add it as an template on a program or as a download for net template.